Your Daily Horoscope: Astrological Predictions for Today


There are conversations that can be therapeutic and help with issues. Going over the edge won't help; dive right in.


If your objectives were tentative, they can become more firm as you build self-assurance.


Strong energy may make your life better. Your no-nonsense attitude may help you get the best deal when it comes to money or finance.


You could experience strong emotions that drive you to look for relief. If a situation seems tight, Cancer, don't cause trouble.


Although a Libra influence may motivate you to provide a hand to others, other aspects of your astrological profile suggest you may be embroiled in a persistent problem.


You might be able to put yourself and the intensity of a crucial friendship or romance aside by engaging in activities you like.


A tense bond can be repaired. If you concentrate on your sign, you might need to provide an apology.


Words may be used to help or injure when Mercury and Pluto align. A persistent person may do so if they have something to say. You won't either, though.


You could enjoy the days ahead if you can put some things on hold and concentrate on others. A significant project might be in trouble.


Whether you like it or not, Capricorn Meets could be fierce. Because you're sensitive and want some alone time, you could be angry over a relationship issue.


If coming to a consensus has been difficult, a positive Libra emphasis could help. If there are any sticking points, address them, even if it hurts.


Strong emotions may add excitement to a conversation,  Pisces, when you realize you're attracted to the same person.