What Greg Olsen will be paid in 2023

Gregs’ salary

Greg Olsen makes $10 million a year as Fox's chief pundit, according to Vanity Fair.

Brady’s arrival

However, the sum is expected to drop dramatically to $3 million if Tom Brady assumes the position of chief pundit on the network.

Brady & Olsen

Olsen will remain with the network despite the significant pay cut,

Brady & Olsen

guaranteeing Fox Sports will have a strong NFL commentary team with Brady & Olsen.

Greg Olsen's net worth

Greg Olsen's estimated net worth on Celebrity Net Worth is $16 million.

Greg Olsen's net worth

He retired from the NFL in 2020 after a stellar career, and he moved to the broadcasting booth.

Olsen X NFL

Olsen played in the NFL from 2007 to 2020, thus it's possible that his football career accounts for a sizable chunk of his estimated net worth.

Olsen has profited from endorsements in addition to his NFL salary and sportscaster revenues by taking use of his notoriety and marketability.