Trevor Lawrence Says Wife Keeps Him Grounded

Since he was a senior in high school, Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence has gained notoriety for his football prowess. However,

He keeps himself grounded since he and his wife have been together since they were in the fifth grade.

"[My wife and I's] connection has been] quite important.

Because of the highs and lows I've already had in my first two years [in the NFL], in particular, as I've already indicated, Lawrence continued.

In addition, he continued, "I think that having that person that I've known since we first met in fifth grade,

so she's known me since before...everything." "I believe having that someone that

We first met in the fifth grade, so I've known," She remarked, 

"Something that is really special to me is just having someone who has been there through each and every one of life's twists and turns."

Lawrence married Marissa, who became his wife, in the year 2021. The Jaguars selected him in the draft later that year.

"I'm fortunate that I found that person, especially when they were that young, before everything, you know, got crazy," he continued. "I'm lucky I came across that person."

It would be challenging to make an effort to find that individual at this time.

On the basis of personality, trustworthiness, and the fact that this life differs from the lives of many other people, to start.