Travis Kelce Unhappy With Chiefs Offense Despite Win Over Jets

On Sunday Night Football, the Chiefs defeated the Jets 23–20, although their offense sputtered after the opening frame, scoring only six points.

Instead of walking into the end zone to score a touchdown in the fourth quarter, Patrick Mahomes II opted to slide down at the Jets' two-yard line and run out the remaining time.

However, the Chiefs' improper game-ending angered the locker room.

Mahomes received the majority of the criticism following the game, but star tight end and senior team captain Travis Kelce also talked with NFL Insider.

When Travis Kelce exited the field tonight, he was disgruntled. He was enraged by the wrongdoing. The defense tonight paid the price with penalties and mistakes.

The Week 4 victory against the Jets included Mahomes' "4th-lowest single-game passer rating in his career (63.6)" and "lowest since Week 13 of 2021" against the Denver Broncos.

Mahomes began the post-game press conference by saying, "I mean, it was obviously a fight.

We started strong, fought, made two terrible throws while attempting to get the ball over the linebacker and the safety, and then we hit the man in the chest.

Despite the Jets' top cornerback trio of Sauce Gardner, D.J. Reed Jr., and Michael Carter II, Chiefs backers want help at wide out.

With 43 throwing yards and 115 rushing yards against the same Jets secondary, Kelce, Gray, and running back Isiah Pacheco all had success.