Top 5 Chunky Sneakers for 2023: Elevate Your Style with Bold Footwear

Bulky sneakers, also referred to as "dad shoes," Diana's nod kicks, once comfortable in the 1980s, now stand for classic style.

See the top 5 chunky shoes that will be great for combining comfort and style in 2023 to add to your wardrobe.

Fila Disruptor 2

Dress fashion, elaborate detailing, embroidered logos, and traditional lacing are all enhanced by Fila Disruptor 2. reasonably priced at under $100.

Naked Wolfe's

Wolfe's women's naked design has a '90s flair with a platform sole. Endorsed at $270 by Jenna Ortega.

Nike Air Max 90

Low-top style, clear air sole, 'old money' aesthetics, chunky comfort, and a '90s charm make these the go-to shoes for comfort during $130 meetings.

Gucci Rhyton

Bold chunky sneakers for men and women, $999. Calfskin elegance with a large opening for comfortable wear.


white elegance, perforated for comfort, and soft lambskin. At $599, a polished appeal with a minimalist brand tag.

Style Diversity

The trend is aided by more bulky versions from Lucky Step, New Balance, and Balenciaga.The trend of clunky footwear never gets old.