Recipes for festive Thanksgiving mocktails and cocktails with flavors like apple, cranberry, and pumpkin

If you are hosting family and friends for Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, you probably already feel the stress of cooking a feast.

I hate to remind you, but part of organizing a fun event is thinking about the beverages that attendees will be sipping on as they mingle.

With beer, wine, mocktails, and ready-to-drink cocktails, you could certainly take that approach.

among substitutes for alcohol. However, you may give your parents something genuinely special if you put in a little effort.

Carolyn Pascual White, in order to maximize your time with friends and family,

a food stylist and photography educator who offers suggestions for taking better photos for social media via her website The Social Sipper, as well as cocktail and mocktail recipes

suggested that hosts "definitely want to avoid shaking up individual cocktails all day."

Thankfully, there are several choices available, ranging from straightforward to exquisite,