Outlander's Sophie Skelton Lands Lead Role in Upcoming Film

Following Outlander, Sophie Skelton will appear in Row as a leading lady.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Bella Dayne, Akshay Khanna, and Mark Trepan will appear in Matthew Losasso's thriller.

A woman must put together her memories after coming up on a blood-stained rowboat to establish her innocence.

"An immense ocean appears to stretch infinitely in all directions, but on the Valiant, space shortages fuel paranoia and intense drama,"

Filming on water is challenging enough without adding a complicated dark narrative, technical solutions to avoid green screen backgrounds,

the ambition to capture the rugged majesty of ocean landscapes, and the constraints of independent filmmaking.

The Nick Skaugan-written movie Row will start production in Scotland next month without the use of VFX.

The two-part seventh season of Outlander, in which Skelton portrays Brianna Fraser, is well-known to fans. 

Before its June debut, the actress spoke to Radio Times about important developments: "The unusual storylines in Outlander make us very proud.