NFL Removes Taylor Swift Reference from Bio After Fan Backlash

After receiving a lot of negative feedback on social media, the NFL removed a contentious Instagram post involving Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The "chiefs are 2-0 as swifties" in their bio was what the league's official Twitter account stated for a period on Monday.

Swift had already witnessed Travis Kelce lead Kansas City defeat the New York Jets 23-20 at another Chiefs game the day before.

The singer-songwriter had attended the Chicago Bears' humiliating 41-10 loss at Arrowhead Stadium a week earlier.

Therefore, in the two games that Swift has been spotted at, the squad hasn't lost. They had a 1-2 record until that point in the season.

They fell to the Detroit Lions on opening night, but they defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars.

They modified it to "CMC 4 MVP?" in recognition of Christian McCaffrey's four touchdowns for the San Francisco

49ers against the Arizona Cardinals after removing the reference and left it blank.

In their bio, it continues, "we had the best day with you today." It alludes to a phrase from Taylor Swift's 2008 song "The Best Day."