Netflix Documentary 'Beckham' Charts David Beckham's Rise and Fall

David Beckham had a legitimate career, in contrast to most celebrities who are famous for the sake of being famous. And he became quite skilled at it.

not least because his free kicks, which he used to captain England, were almost as alluring as his grin.

Fisher Stevens directed the four-part documentary "Beckham," which is available on Netflix.

chronicles the development of its title character from a gifted player to a world celebrity,

demonstrating how a great athlete in his sport kept his "love for the game" alive even after his feet had become the least-discussed portions of his body.

'Beckham' is a tale of halves, bringing together an intriguing cast of individuals with a digital camera that looks more in Becks' direction than most defenders did.

The main is a fun story about a bashful boy from London who becomes famous in Manchester.

coupled with his unpredictable abilities, polarizing and unifying his people.