NBA All-Star Ja Morant Sues Teen for Defamation

Ja Morant, a member of the Grizzlies, has filed a countersuit against the Memphis child who is suing the two-time All-star,

accusing the child of defamation, violence, and assault over a pick-up basketball game that took place at Morant's house in July.

Joshua Holloway is charged in a lawsuit filed on Wednesday night in Shelby County Circuit Court.

His case was revised on March 28 after he turned 18

damaging Morant's reputation and making him vulnerable to losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in both his settlement and in arrangements for the endorsement of his abilities.

When asked about his countersuit after practice on Thursday, Morant declined to comment.

The No. 2 seed in the Western Conference, the Grizzlies, are getting set to meet LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers starting on Sunday.

Last July, the guard agreed to a five-year, $193 million deal that includes a $38 million prize for making the All-NBA team this season.

For "behavior damaging to the league" on March 4, when Morant displayed a gun at a suburban Denver gym, the NBA banned him for eight games.