Justin Jefferson Puts NFL on Notice After 2-TD Performance

After losing a crucial game in Carolina, the Minnesota Vikings are making a comeback led by All-Pro wide receiver Justin Jefferson.

With 543 receiving yards after four games, Jefferson leads the NFL. On Sunday, October 1, he was one of several crucial players who kept the Vikings' 0-4 start from happening.

The wide receiver scored twice, including one on the final play of the third quarter over Panthers CB D'Shawn Jamison.

Jefferson eschewed his customary "Griddy" celebration after the score in favor of the NBA-famous "too small" gesture.

The receiver said his post-game celebration should serve as a warning to the NFL.

I'll show them that I don't give a damn who robs me. I'll perform. My strategy is to catch. Anything I can to help my team win.

GettyWide receiver Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings beats Carolina Panthers defensive back D'Shawn Jamison to score a touchdown pass in October 2023.

The heroics of Jefferson provided Minnesota its first victory of the year and helped a team that had been struggling to keep the football safe to some extent.