Jets QB Wilson Takes Accountability for Fumble in Loss to Chiefs

Sunday night's game between the Jets and Chiefs was a battle, but Zach Wilson's performance offered fans hope.

Wilson acknowledged responsibility for the loss and pointed to his costly turnover that derailed a promising drive and gave Kansas City control.

Prior to the turnover, Wilson was tearing away the Chiefs defense from the pocket while playing his best football of his NFL career.

Wilson told reporters after the game that he was to blame for the error and the loss.

Indeed, on me. Unacceptable performance in a dire situation. I can't drop the ball, Wilson said.

This group makes many sacrifices. I can't drop a snap while driving when guys are making plays.

Wilson's postgame remarks have improved from his lack of responsibility following a Patriots defeat the previous season.

Instead of denying his error, the 24-year-old promised to learn from it and claimed responsibility for the loss.