J.J. Watt Reacts with One Word to Deion Sanders' First-Time Victory

Deion Sanders made an outstanding FBS coaching debut with the Colorado Buffaloes when his squad pulled off an incredible upset over the No. 1 seed.

Having defeated the 17th-ranked TCU Horned Frogs 45–42 in the end.

This dramatic victory served as proof of the excitement and unpredictability of college football.

Coach Sanders' gifted son Shedeur Sanders put on a remarkable performance, completing his passes for an outstanding 510 yards and four touchdowns.

The Sanders family will never forget that day as they rejoiced over the triumph and Shedeur's outstanding performance on the field.

The Buffaloes' triumph was also greatly aided by Travis Hunter, a genuine two-way superstar. He had an impact on attack and defense.

included vital defensive plays, such as an interception and a big pass breakup, along with 11 catches for 119 yards in offense.

Due to this game's surprise result, Coach Deion Sanders' time with the Buffaloes has shown promise and potential.

It was a game that went against the odds and demonstrated the quality and tenacity of the up-and-coming football giant.