I'm a Patriot for Life: Brady Makes Emotional Return to Gillette Stadium

Tom Brady received recognition during the Patriots' game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Gillette Stadium on a rainy Sunday.

Brady's entrance onto the field was met with joy from the dedicated crowd that had braved the weekend's Northeast rain.

The quarterback, who played a pivotal role in the Patriots' six Super Bowl victories, declared himself "a Patriot for life."

Reflecting on his unexpected journey, Brady noted, "Nobody could have imagined 23 years ago that this journey would bring us here today."

Brady elaborated on life's adventures, stating, "Our lives take us on many adventures.

They take us to different places and introduce us to new people," and reaffirmed, "But one thing I know for certain.and that will never change — I am a Patriot for life."

Brady served as the Patriots' quarterback from 1999 through 2019 before leaving following their 2019-20 playoff elimination.

He subsequently joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, aiding them in winning a Super Bowl, but fell short of reaching the NFC title game in his final two seasons.

Brady officially announced his retirement "for good" at the conclusion of the 2022 season.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft expressed his desire to allow fans the opportunity to properly thank Brady.

Brady humorously admitted, "Today's run out was a little longer than it used to be," acknowledging that he was not in game shape.

However, he couldn't resist running out onto the field in the same manner as he had for the past two decades in the stadium.