How did Pierre-Paul's hand end up

Jason Pierre-Paul

Jason Pierre-Paul was hurt on July 4, 2015, during the festivities by fireworks that went wrong and injured both of his hands.

Affects of the fireworks

Pierre-Paul was holding on to the fireworks for a long time when he set off an explosion in his hand

Affects of the fireworks

that severed a large section of his finger.

After 4 days

Four days later, he had the amputation of his right index finger.

Although many NFL observers predicted Pierre-Paul would retire, Pierre-Paul had other plans.

Pierre-Paul X Giants

Pierre-Paul played in half of the Giants' games that season despite the setback,

Pierre-Paul X Giants

recording 26 tackles, two fumble recoveries, and one sack.

Since then, Pierre-Paul has cemented himself as one of the NFL's elite defensive ends.