Heatless Curls: The Secret to Avoiding Heat Damage

Dehydrate your hair. The curls will form and hold better as a result.

Straighten your hair. By doing so, breakage will be avoided, and curling will be simpler.

your hair into sections. Depending on your hair's thickness, separate it into 4-6 pieces.

Select a curling technique. There are numerous methods, such as braiding, twisting, using buns or socks, to curl your hair without using heat.

Hair curling. Observe the directions for the curling technique you have selected.

Fix the curls. The curls can be held in place using hair ties or bobby pins.

Let your hair air dry entirely. It can take a few hours, or you could leave the curls in all night.

Take the curls out. Unwind the curls after gently removing the hair ties or bobby pins.

Divide the curls. To separate the curls and get a natural look, use your fingers.

Put hairspray on. To keep the curls in place, spritz on some mild hairspray.