From Pro Bowl to Sidelined: The Mystery of Michael Thomas's Injuries

Michael Thomas

Thomas is still dealing with difficulties. Even though he had sustained long-term ailments,

Michael Thomas

this season appeared to be his comeback, only to have more setbacks.

Thomas’ injury

During the first drive against the Vikings last week, Thomas hurt his knee.

As per Brooke Kirchhofer

Journalist Brooke Kirchhofer of New Orleans stated that Thomas's knee injury has resulted in his placement on injured reserve.

New Orleans Saints

Carr won't have Thomas for another month as the Saints try to build on their 5-5 record and take the lead in the NFC South.

With the exception of the last two games, which was a severe setback for the wide receiver,

Thomas often recorded at least three catches and 40+ yards, suggesting a hopeful comeback.

Thomas will miss next 4 games

But the football gods had other plans, and he will miss the next four Saints games against the Falcons, Lions, Panthers, and Giants.