Exclusive: Sophie Skelton, Bella, and Akshay Khanna to Star in 'Row'

The stars of 'Outlander,' 'Troy: Fall of a City,' and 'Red, White, and Royal Blue' will feature in the movie.

a film by Matthew Losasso and Nick Skaugen about a woman who washes up on the coast in a rowboat covered in blood.

The cast of the new U.K. drama includes Sophie Skelton (Outlander, Blackbird), Bella Dayne (Troy: Fall of a City, Humans), and Akshay Khanna (Red, White & Royal Blue, Chloe).

The suspenseful drama Row, which is currently in preproduction and will start filming in Scotland soon

In the feature film debut of director Matthew Losasso and writer Nick Skaugen, who also performs,

the plot revolves on a lady who washes ashore in a rowing boat that is covered in blood.

She must piece together fractured recollections of the journey to establish her innocence because it is thought that all of her crew members are dead and gone.

Additionally, Before We Die's Mark Strepan has joined the cast.

"A vast ocean appears to stretch infinitely in all directions, yet the lack of space on board the Valiant fuels paranoia and intense drama."

The writing is interesting and really ambitious.

Losaso included. If filming on water wasn't difficult enough, add a complex, dark narrative, challenging methods to avoid using green screen backdrops, and

a dedication to capturing both the limitations of DIY cinematography and the untamed grandeur of maritime scenery.