Equalizer 3 Becomes the Highest-Grossing Film in the Franchise

The Equalizer 3 had a strong start but has since slowed down.

Upcoming releases in Brazil, Japan, and Mexico could significantly increase its global earnings.

The movie has grossed $85 million domestically and $72 million overseas, for a total of $158 million worldwide.

The film has received positive reviews, including high praise from Collider's Nate Richard.

The previous movies in the trilogy grossed nearly identical amounts both domestically and worldwide.

The Equalizer 3 had a stronger opening weekend than the first film but has had weaker subsequent weekends.

The top five global markets for the movie, other than the US, are the UK, Germany, France, Australia, and Saudi Arabia.

Denzel Washington's star power is evident worldwide, and he has successfully transitioned to older action star status with this trilogy.