Eagles Fans Left Clucking After Stefon Diggs' Mocking Celebration

Stefon Diggs

In Week 12, Diggs made light of Eagles supporters when Gabriel Davis gave the Bills a brief lead with a touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Diggs playfully mocked the City of Brotherly Love by imitating the "Fly Eagles Fly" celebration, teasing Philadelphia in the process.

Before the game

Eagles supporters threw the ball with Diggs before to the game.

Before the game

But as soon as he took the field, his numbers erased the amicable pregame atmosphere.

Eagles’ fans

Eagles supporters' opinions of Diggs were probably different before the game than they were afterward because of his trolling.

The goal of the Philly fan base is to make the wideout for the Bills seem silly on the field by outperforming him.

Bills vs Eagles

After a thrilling overtime battle between the Bills and Eagles,

Bills vs Eagles

Hurts' 12-yard touchdown run gave the Eagles a 37–34 victory.