Deion Sanders to the SEC: Stephen A. Smith Makes His Case

Coach Prime is one contender to replace Texas A&M's outgoing head coach. Danny MireNovember 14, 2023, 11:13 PM EST

Texas A&M announced over the weekend that they were dismissing Jimbo Fisher, their sixth-year head coach.

an extraordinary financial move that will set them back roughly $76 million in addition to whatever amount they decide to pay Fisher's buyout as their next head coach.

There is a clear opening, the College Station coaching carousel for 2024 is in full motion,

and ideas and conjecture are making the rounds in the media.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith wasn't hesitant to express his thoughts regarding possible Aggie head coaches. Since,

Why not, he was thinking of none other than Deion Sanders of Colorado.

"I've been expressing that! Commissioner of the SEC Deion Sanders. Making use of that available vault? He could enlist among those hogs, right?