Deion Sanders Says Jesus Is the Best Role Model

Deion Sanders, the University of Colorado's head football coach, recently gave an explanation of why Jesus is the ideal role model for kids to aspire to.

In an interview with the "7 Figure Squad," Sanders was asked the following: "If there are athletes right now,

Who would you recommend they watch in any sport if you liked their example both on and off the field? Sanders promised to warn those athletes to watch themselves.

Sanders said, "Jesus," without displaying any hesitation. "You sometimes have to realize that the things you see, the things you applaud for,

The things you root for and admire aren't actually role models; rather, they're actors portraying those things, he said. It's critical to remember that.

You don't know who they are, the speaker declared. They just spent the first two hours of their day putting their innate aptitude and good fortune to use, the instructor said.

"Could you even imagine what it would be like if the world got to see you at your finest for two hours every day? just how stunning your profile would become,

Sanders went on. "Everything would be fantastic, and everything would be so different since we're showcasing your talents for two hours,

said the speaker. "We're showing you doing what you're gifted to do, otherwise everything would be so different."

"We got to be careful who we're calling role models," he said in his conclusion.

Sanders takes the task of setting an example seriously, hence he is open about his religious views on several social media channels.