Deion Sanders' Inspiring Words to Injured TCU Player Go Viral

In TCU's home opener against the Colorado Buffaloes last Saturday, running back Trey Sanders suffered a severe injury and remained on the field for an extended period.

Surprisingly, despite being on the opposing team, first-year Buffs head coach Deion Sanders (no relation to Trey) seemed to offer encouragement to the injured TCU running back.

Video of Deion and Trey's interaction circulated on social media, but there was no audio, leading to speculation about what the Colorado football coach might have said to the injured player.

The NFL legend recently explained his reason for approaching Trey in this situation.

Deion Sanders stated, "I walked over to him because he was a kid that wanted to come here," referring to Trey's interest in playing for Colorado.

The decision not to recruit him was due to significant injuries, but Deion still held admiration for the young player's desire to join the team.

Deion also mentioned his conversation with a star player from TCU.

He said, "So I walked out there and said, 'Son, if you don't get up, they won't,'" recounting his words during the "Colorado Football Coaches Show."

He wanted Trey to regain his strength and continue playing. Initially, they discussed Trey being the second offensive player named Sanders.

Despite Trey's impressive three-touchdown performance, TCU lost 45-42 to Colorado in Fort Worth.

It's worth noting that TCU had reached the College Football Playoff National Championship game the previous season and was considered the favorite in the game against Colorado.