Cowboys Should Trade for Falcons' $32 Million Playmaker

Some pundits question whether there is a remedy outside of the Dallas Cowboys' team given their inability to score.

Kyle Pitts, a tight end for the Falcons, is the target trade that Robert Griffin III wants the Cowboys to make.

"The Cowboys wouldn't have a mismatched tight end lineup if I were them. Griffin stated on September 25, 2023's episode of "Monday Night Countdown"

The tight end isn't there, but they have the other players, so if it were me, I'd be knocking on the Atlanta Falcons' door to obtain Kyle Pitts.

Since the Falcons selected Pitts fourth overall in 2021, it has been unclear how they have used the NFL's highest-drafted tight end.

Since his debut year, when he recorded nine catches for 100 yards in the first three games, Pitts' use has decreased.

Playmaker is still waiting for this year's first touchdown. A four-year, $32 million rookie deal with Pitts has two seasons left on it, minus Atlanta's 2025 fifth-year option.

Atlanta would probably trade the tight end for a first-round selection despite Pitts' dearth of offensive production. Before the 2021 NFL draft, Pitts was a Cowboys favorite.