Cowboys' Ex-Pass Rusher Randy Gregory Now a Free Agent Again

The Dallas Cowboys came under heavy fire in the 2022 offseason for failing to properly negotiate an extension of defensive end Randy Gregory's contract.

Despite indications that a deal was already in place, Gregory's signing a contract with the Denver Broncos was unexpectedly announced.

It's become more clear that the incident in issue, which occurred more than a year and a half ago, was actually a blessing in disguise for Jerry Jones' company.

Gregory has not even come close to living up to the high standards that Denver set for him when they signed him to that significant contract a year ago.

Randy Gregory is anticipated to have earned a total of $28 million over the course of the two years.

He has three sacks to his name in those seasons. The total comes to $9.3 million for each bag.

Despite the fact that the news was first quite distressing, Jones and the other Boys were fortunate. He hasn't made much of an impact on the stat sheet this season.

In his four games of participation, Gregory has one sack, four solo tackles, and two tackles for loss.

The media and fans in the Mile High City are beginning to wonder if they were duped.

Gregory is aware of what is being said, and he understood going into the season that in order for the season to succeed, he needed to keep up his end of the bargain.