Corner Canyon Takes Down Syracuse, 42-14, in 6A Showdown

Introduction to Coach Eric Kjar's Success

Since 2017, Corner Canyon's football team, under Coach Eric Kjar, has been renowned for its offensive prowess.

Chargers' Impressive Track Record

The team has clinched three state championships and reached the finals of the last five championships, showcasing their consistent excellence.

Senior Star Performance

In a recent game against Syracuse, senior Isaac Wilson stole the spotlight, contributing significantly to a 42-14 victory by passing for three touchdowns and running for another.

Rallying from Early Deficit

Despite facing an early deficit, the Chargers managed to rally, taking control with two second-quarter drives to lead 21-7 at halftime.

Game-Changing Interception

Linebacker Jackson Beuhler's interception in the end zone led to another score, highlighting the team's opportunistic defense.

Nonregion Victory Streak

The win concluded the Chargers' nonregion victory tour with an impressive 4-1 record, setting them up as favorites for the upcoming Region 3 schedule.

Coach Kjar's Approach

Coach Kjar emphasized the importance of practice, execution, and effort throughout the season, viewing it as a marathon rather than a sprint.

Unblemished Record Against Region 1

The Chargers remained undefeated (9-0) against Region 1 opponents in their 11-year history, showcasing their dominance in the region.

Syracuse's Struggles

Syracuse faced challenges, including dropped passes, a fumble, and two interceptions, making it difficult for them to compete.

Isaac Wilson's Impact

Isaac Wilson's composure under pressure, his impressive passing statistics, 

and his contribution to the running attack have been instrumental in Corner Canyon's high-scoring season averaging 46.4 points per game.