Chiefs' Travis Kelce Responds to Aaron Rodgers' 'Mr. Pfizer' Jab

Aaron Rodgers' new moniker for the tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs has been mocked by Travis Kelce.

The injured New York Jets quarterback referred to him as "Mr. Pfizer" at one point during his weekly visit on ESPN's "The Pat McAfee display."

Given his current mustache, 34-year-old Kelce told reporters on Friday, "I idea it become quite suitable."

I look like Mr. Pfizer, complete with mustache. Who thought that Aaron Rodgers and I would engage in a vax war?

Against the Johnson & Johnson clan over there, Mr. Pfizer.

Robert Timber "Woody" and Christopher Johnson, members of the Johnson & Johnson founding family, help to own the Jets. 

In a Pfizer commercial promoting the Covid-19 immunization, Kelce, who played the lead role, stated that he had grown "comfortable" with the call while supporting the vaccine.

When McAfee pressed Rodgers once again on the moniker, the 39-year-old quarterback responded, "He's doing classified ads for Pfizer, so I'm positive he's proudly owning it."