Chiefs QB Offers Encouragement to Jets QB After Strong Performance

Following Sunday's 23-20 defeat to the Chiefs, Zach Wilson received praise.

Patrick Mahomes sought out Wilson on the field to give him accolades following Sunday night's game.

Wilson, whose Sunday night stats outperformed his, was encouraged by Mahomes, as can be seen below.

In his greatest game of his career, Wilson completed 28 of 39 passes for 245 yards and two touchdowns.

Mahomes completed 18 of 30 passes for 203 yards as the Chiefs prevailed in a close contest.

Wilson admitted fault for the Jets' third defeat of the year while still visibly unhappy.

Wilson primarily played winning football, but the Jets were penalized by his fumble on their final offensive play.

Wilson, despite making a fumble, demonstrated why Jets head coach Robert Saleh is keeping him as the starter while Aaron Rodgers recovers from surgery.

Chris Jones, a great defensive lineman for the Chiefs, lauded Wilson for being similar to Mahomes following Sunday's game.

If I'm being really honest, we anticipated a struggle," Jones told NBC Sports following the match.