Caleb Williams Reportedly Has List of Preferred NFL Teams

Despite the fact that we are unsure of who will be selected first in 2016, the Caleb Williams dispute has reached its peak.

The most juicy rumors right now surround the USC standout.

Social media speculations claim that the current Heisman Trophy winner

believes he can earn more money by playing another year at USC than by starting as a rookie quarterback in the NFL.

Williams allegedly intends to continue his education until he is signed by either the Cowboys, Raiders, Vikings, Giants, or 49ers.

Each club on that list appears to have strong fundamentals but struggles at quarterback (although Brock Purdy supporters may disagree).

Unfortunately for Williams, these teams are unlikely to choose first overall in the next selection.

Both the Raiders and Vikings, both 1-3, are the current favorites. This season, the Giants' 1-2 start has also demonstrated a significant deterioration.

On Monday Night Football at home tonight against the Seahawks, they can turn things around.

Don't be surprised if Caleb Williams generates excitement in NYC after yet another subpar Daniel Jones performance in prime time.

Rumor: Caleb Williams Has A List Of 5 NFL Teams He Wants To Play For; If Not, He'll Go Back To USC And "Make More Money" first appeared on Total Pro Sports.