Alica Schmidt on Being Dubbed the 'World's Sexiest Athlete'

The "sexiest athlete in the world," Alica Schmidt, has provided insight into the way of life of competitors at the arena Athletics Championship.

Schmidt, a song-and-subject competitor, represented Germany in Budapest, Hungary, at the Worlds in August.

After running a second-leg time of 51.96, the 24-year-old's team finished eighth in the final 4x400-meter relay.

And Schmidt has used the daily social media platform Instagram, where she has 4.3 million admirers, to highlight her

She introduced herself as a German track and field competitor named Alica Schmidt in a video that was broadcast through the Olympics page.

I'm going to daily walk you through my day while I'm competing in the arena Championships in Budapest and show you what a typical day in the life of an athlete looks like.

She said, "Adequate, I just finished my schooling consultation," after finishing her meal.

Due to my Saturday women's relay race, I only had a recovery session on my daily plan.