Aaron Rodgers Praises Brock Purdy, Tells Critics to "Back Off"

Even though Brock Purdy's performance against the Cardinals on Sunday was one of the 49ers' toughest tests in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers applauded it.

The second-year player completed 20 of his 21 passes for 283 yards and one touchdown as they prevailed 35-16.

Rodgers was ecstatic with Purdy's performance up to that point even though he was on his way to Sunday night's Jets game in New York.

He believes that neither the offensive studs on the 49ers' team nor head coach Kyle Shanahan's play-calling affect Purdy's performance.

"I'm a fan for sure, I think he's doing some great things," Rodgers said to Pat McAfee on Tuesday.

"People continuously need to exercise care since Kyle is a terrific play caller with CMC, Deebo, Kittle, and other players.

I believe that will fade since Brock is a strong player. I like how Brock played.

Purdy has started and won each of the nine regular-season games since last year. Only the 49ers and Eagles are still undefeated in Week 5 with 4-0 records.