Talking to Your Kids About COVID-19: A Parent's Guide


Be Honest and Age

When talking to your children about the coronavirus, give them accurate information that is appropriate for their age.

Be Honest and Age

Don't give them too many information, but make sure they comprehend the fundamentals.

Utilize Plain Language

Avoid using technical medical words when describing the virus. To make it relatable, compare it to other conditions people are familiar with.

Respond to Their Concerns

Encourage inquiries and open discussion of their concerns. Stress the safety precautions in place to reassure them.

Set a good example

Set a good example for your children by acting responsibly and adhering to safety regulations.

Give Them Knowledge to Help

Give them the skills to protect themselves and others by teaching them preventative practices like mask use and hand cleaning.

It might be difficult to talk to your children about the coronavirus, but with these suggestions, you can both reassure them and provide them factual facts.