6 Effective Workouts to Counteract Thanksgiving Indulgences

Bounce back on fitness

It's time to resume your exercise regimen. Bid farewell to the indulgence of the holidays and hello to a more vibrant and healthy version of yourself.

Powerhouse workouts

Learn about 6 intense exercises that will help you burn off those excess calories from the Christmas feast.


A quick stroll helps expedite food passage and aids in digestion after a hearty Thanksgiving dinner, burning extra calories in the process.

Game day

After Thanksgiving, spend time with friends and family playing energetic games like football or

Game day

catch to make memories that will last a lifetime and burn additional calories.

Strength training circuit

After cardio, choose a circuit training program to work every muscle group. It burns dietary calories effectively without causing excessive muscle strain.

Barbell squats

Use barbell squats to activate your lower body and burn a lot of calories. This exercise primarily works the hamstrings and glutes.


An efficient approach to rouse a lethargic body after Thanksgiving is with planks.


Improves strength, flexibility, and balance in a gentle yet effective way. After Thanksgiving, consider doing Yin Yoga, Ashtanga, or Vinyasa.