5 Foods to Steer Clear of When You're Feeling Rough

Morning after misery

The last thing you want is to wake up with a painful hangover after a wild night.

Hangover highway

Even while eating could seem like a good idea, there are better and worse options when it comes to the hangover expressway.

Food choices that matter

Avoiding specific foods that cause hangovers is essential for a more seamless recuperation.


Pizza, although it may seem comforting, isn't a hangover cure. The dairy content can upset a sensitive stomach, and alcohol processing is still problematic.

Spicy foods

When hangover, avoid fried or spicy foods as they might further upset the digestive tract.

French fries

Alcohol rehabilitation is hampered by inflammatory foods like french fries. For the best recuperation, go for an omelette with fruit or vegetables.

Sugary foods

Eat less sweet meals because it might cause blood sugar to increase and exacerbate hangover symptoms. Eating sweets may also make you want to drink more alcohol.

Orange juice

Orange juice's citrus content, contrary to popular assumption, might make hangovers worse. Acidity can cause indigestion by irritating the stomach.