Clash of Titans: The Seven Deadly Sins vs. Monkey D. Luffy

Fans Favorited characters

The topic of conversation frequently centers on fictitious confrontations between fans' favorite characters.


Although Luffy's rubber body provides some defense, it would not be sufficient to withstand Meliodas' overwhelming might during his counterattacks.


Escanor would grow almost unstoppable as the sun rose and his power surged, making it extremely difficult for Luffy to defeat him.


Although Luffy has remarkable speed, agility, and reflexes, Merlin's Infinity ability gives her the capacity to bend time and space to her advantage.


Gowther, sometimes referred to as the Goat's Sin of Lust, is a mind-bending powerhouse that can easily defeat Monkey D. Luffy.


King may increase his strength and speed by controlling the forest's power. Because he uses the forest's power, he has a particular advantage.


Diane would have a clear advantage over Luffy thanks to her incredible physical strength and ability to control the earth.


Derieri would have an advantage in a duel against Luffy if he had the Combo Star ability.


The Ten Commandments are remembered by the powerful demon Monspeet. He would obstruct Luffy's ability to coordinate assaults and communicate.


One of the Four Archangels of the Goddess clan is  Sariel. He might disrupt Luffy's escape and coordination of his attacks by using his Ark ability.