This year the Formula 1 is celebrating it’s 70th Anniversary. The Formula 1 2020 season was scheduled on 13th-15th March, with the first race in Melbourne, Australia. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as a result, many races have been either cancelled or postponed. With F1 2020 calendar initially scheduled to conduct 22 races this season but the COVID-19 pandemic ended up messing the plans.

So, later the F1 announced opening Eight races with the opener now shifted to Spielberg, Austria on 3rd-5th July. With Spielberg and Silverstone featuring two races while Hungary, Spain, Belgium and Italy featuring one race respectively. They also mentioned that the further races will be announced later, and after the first raceweek there were 2 more additions in the F1 2020 calendar, with adding Italy’s(Mugello) and Russia.

Yesterday, F1 announced 3 more races which has made this season more exciting with adding:

  1. Nurburgring (Germany) on 9th-11th October
  2. Portimao (Portugal) on 23rd-25th October
  3. Imola (Italy) on October 31st-1st November


The Nurburgring last featured the race in 2013 and so far has featured 40 races in the Formula 1 history. So, the track is 5.14 kms (3.19 miles) long and has 15 corners and has two DRS zones. Micheal Schumacher has the track record of 1:29:468 which he set in 2004. However, after the 2013 Grand Prix in Nurburgring was no longer graded as a Grade 1 track so, the F1 discontinued the races on this circuit.


Formula 1 2020 : PORTIMAO GRAND PRIX

Portimao GP (Portugal) is the 12th race featured this season, and will host it’s first ever race on 23rd-25th October. It will become the 75th circuit to host a Formula 1 race. With no previous track record and given the current form of the Mercedes-AMG, they will be itching to set the bar very high for the track record to break in years to come. The track has 15 turns and is 4.65 kms (3.89 miles) long.


Formula 1 2020 : IMOLA GRAND PRIX

Provisionally the final race of the season is the Imola (Italy) on October 31st-1st November. Previously know as San Marino GP. It will be the third race in Italy this season after Monza and Mugello in round 8 and round 9 respectively. Previously, there were 27 races on the track with a race lap record of 1:20:411 set by Micheal Schhumacher in 2004 . The current layout of the track is 4.9 kms (3.050 miles) long and has 21 corners. It is one of the very few tracks that runs anticlockwise direction.

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